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John R. Hamilton | Photo

After serving as a Marine Sergeant in WWII and exploring a career in photo journalism upon returning home, John R. Hamilton got his first big photo break shooting "The Searchers" with John Ford and John Wayne. The Johns forged a close bond, and went on together capturing the exquisite beauty of American Western film. As famed creative Bruce Weber wrote in his 2003 book, Thank Your Lucky Stars, “(John's) photographs were intimate and sexy and no one captured our heroes in American cinema like he did.” 

Over several decades, John worked on 77 films, accepted over 300 magazine covers, and shot countless private sessions with Tinseltown icons. More than 100,000 images are currently being digitally archived in John's expansive collection of original negatives and vintage photographer prints. 


Many will eventually become available for purchase via special edition releases, with the initial batch arriving early 2019. Sign up below to be first in line for new arrivals and announcements!

Artist Works


Kirk Douglas | 1970

"Trailer Park" 

Archival Pigment Print  40x55

Kirk’s home away from home.  Kirk Douglas in his trailer “yard,” at the location site for “There Was a Crooked Man.”  40 miles outside Indio, California, is the Colorado Desert smack in the middle of the Joshua National Monument. 

Notes from John R. Hamilton:  "The actors were housed in trailers during the location and the prop men on the film became so fond of Kirk that they began redecorating and adding to his.  First they put up an awning and a picket fence, then an umbrella’d patio set, a working fountain pool, then a mail box and finally the inevitable signs warning peddlers and visitors alike.  In the background is the helicopter he uses to fly back and forth from his home in Palm Springs to the location site." 

Screenshot 2019-06-30 14.14.59.png

Steve McQueen | 1966  

"One Finger Salute"

Archival Pigment Print  40x55

Steve McQueen rides side saddle flipping the bird on his new Metisse with a 650cc Triumph engine and a Rickman frame to get about the studio during the filming of final scenes for “The Sand Pebbles.”   20th Century Fox Studio, Los Angeles.  


Paul Newman | 1958 

"On Bike, No Hands"

Archival Pigment Print  40x55

Paul Newman on break from filming “The Left Handed Gun” on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, CA

Notes from John R. Hamilton:  “Currently working on the Warner Bros lot as Billy the Kid in “The Left Handed Gun,” Newman has learned to relax in the Hollywood environment.  He has a studio bicycle issued to him and gets some exercise by peddling around the lot.”

“Newman scoots around the Warner Bros lot on a bike, tries it with no hands.”

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