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Discover more about the gallery owner, Jace Romick, former Olympic skier, Rodeo competitor, woodworker, and wildlife photographer. 


Photographer Jace Romick grew up on a ranch in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Jace’s first love, skiing, led to a gratifying career on the US Ski Team, competing in the FIS World Ski Championships and 1984 World Cup downhill events taking him around the globe at a young age. Jace's ranching heritage brought him back to Steamboat Springs and his love of horses drew him into the exhilarating world of rodeo, where he still competes today.

Jace’s extraordinary life experiences continue to influence his powerful photos and creative direction. In addition to creating compelling photographs, Jace also designs and builds custom frames for all of his work, using various techniques that he has refined of 30 years of work working. Jace's wood working interest began with simple furniture designs, and have evolved into complex handcrafted artisanal frames of which add tremendous depth to his work. By pairing reclaimed wood, distressed metal with hand forged hardware Jace elevates his iconic images and presents masterpieces that are evocative, compelling and offer a deep visual appeal. 

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THE JACE ROMICK GALLERY focuses on the exhibition and sale of western contemporary artwork. Our gallery staff curates quarterly exhibitions, hosts special events and provides year-round presence to the Steamboat Springs art community. Our operating philosophy is to work closely with the artists to ensure that their work and their story is portrayed in a way that best aligns with their personality and style.


Our curators select unique works that promote a contemporary western aesthetic and artwork that offers our guests a unique visual experience. The Jace Romick Gallery offers a wide span of photography, fine art, sculpture and includes many types of formats, genres and mixed media types. We try our best to approach our guests gracefully to ensure that their experience of visiting the Jace Romick Gallery is sincere and memorable . Our active involvement in the local art community helps to ensure that our staff stays connected with the wonderful designers, collectors and art enthusiasts throughout the region.

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