Tyrel Johnson | 3D

Tyrel Johnson was born the youngest of sixteen siblings into a family of artists. Tyrel's father is a sculptor, and his mother is a homemaker. Tyrel's large family was supported solely by his father’s artwork. Tyrel's father started and ran his own foundry, of which Tyrel spent most of his free time. Tyrel learned much the skills he utilizes today from observing his father and siblings as they sculpt and create their works of art. 

Tyrel started to make serious attempts at sculpture from a young age. As the foundry was central to his family and his childhood, Tyrel naturally became an employee himself. Tyrel is well trained in all aspects of the casting process as well as the "point up" and development of monumental sculpture technique. Tyrel's upbringing has given him a unique experience in the arts and throughout the sculpting process. Tyrel's unique perspective and innovative technique has established a large following, many of whom are artists outside of his own family. Through a persistent application of his talent, and constant desire to acquire new skills, Tyrel maintains an enthusiastic energy about the future of his life’s work.


"Artwork is what moves me, and it is my hope that my art will move you as well." -Tyrel Johnson


Artist Works

Tyrel Johnson-2.jpg

The Huntress| 2017

bronze, maple burl


Tyrel Johnson.jpg

Gratitude | 2017

bronze, maple burl