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     Israel Holloway was born 1972 in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in the Yampa Valley. He showed an early interest in art and spent several years as a third generation sign painter where he was introduced to the elements and principles of design and the use of color language. In 1994 Israel was commissioned to sculpt for a popular Denver artist and continued to pursue his artistic development through the years while working in construction, woodworking and drafting. "I've always considered myself a student of fine art. I think the greatest teachers for me have been the public library, daily practice, and certainly all the wonderful students I've had. The artists who have been kind enough to publish their knowledge, observations and methods over the years have certainly influenced my work. Harley Brown, Burt Silverman, Steve Hanks, Norman Rockwell, and Edward Curtis are a few that I look to for advice."


     Israel began painting full time in 2010 and taught painting, drawing, and 2-D design courses at Colorado Northwestern Community College from 2012 - 2017. He is an Art Juror for the Routt County Fair, a volunteer art instructor for Connections 4 Kids, has judged the Whittle the Wood Rendezvous, and regularly donates artwork for the CNCC Scholarship Fund. Israel takes thousands of pictures at horse drives, rodeos, on back roads and ranches that inspire his life-like watercolor paintings. His award winning work exhibits at select shows, galleries and venues throughout the country. Israel and his family live in the Yampa Valley overlooking the beautiful Yampa River. 

     "Watercolor is a dance between human intention and the uncontrollable nature of water. For me it's the perfect balance of what I want to portray and what the water wants to do. I embrace the traditional technique of eliminating white paint from my palette. Colors and highlights are created using the purest transparent watercolors, water, and the 'white' of the paper only."


    Currently, Israel is creating the largest watercolor painting in the world at the Northwest Colorado Museum, which is due to be completed in December of 2020.  


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