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The R-Diamond Gallery, which is located inside the Jace Romick Gallery, focuses on the exhibition and sale of western contemporary art from Steamboat Springs artists. The R-Diamond Gallery works closely with our artists to ensure that their work and their story is represented and portrayed in a way that best aligns with their personality and their style.

Chula Beauregard /brush

Chula Beauregard is an award-winning artist, born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. She began painting in the cockpit of a small sailboat in the Bahamas in 5th grade. She enrolled in art every year since, until she graduated cum laude as a Studio Art major from Whitman College. Following college, she served for two years in Gabon, Central Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. She has been painting in oils since 2006, pursuing her career as a professional artist in her hometown of Steamboat Springs, CO.


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