Bill Ernst | 3D

Bill Ernst began sculpting in 1996 and concentrates his work in three main categories: Realistic Wildlife, Native American themes, and Racks of the West.


                     "I am interested in producing sculpture

              that evokes feeling (soothes the savage beast), and                        adds dimension to its environment." -Bill Ernst

Bill's technique and creative spirit moves him past realism while he continuously works to achieve an idealistic rendition. Many of Bill's sculptures are best described as stylized and impressionistic. Capturing the essence and trueness of the subject is his objective.

Bill suggests that Native American themes are what captivates him and are indeed ancient designs, from another world, many of which are images that have developed over thousands of years. Bill applies modern art concepts and technique to an already abstract subject.

Bill's 'Racks of the West' collections started as a series of miniature sculptures, which led to the life-sized versions beginning with 'The Elk' in 1997. Shed antlers combined with a stylized bronze casting of the appropriate creatures’ skull create a striking sculpture. There is a primal attraction in antlers; Bill simply invented a way to highlight that in a piece of contemporary western art.


Artist Works


Bronze Moose| 2019

bronze, bone with colbolt patina



Bronze Elk | 2019

bronze, bone
colbolt patina